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Providing comprehensive care services and support of treatment of HIV-positive persons in the conditions of double epidemic of HIV infection and tuberculosis in Donetsk region

09M. Medical-social and psychological escort of HIV-positive adults:

09M.01 – HIV-positive persons which are on HAART-treatment

09M.02 – HIV-positive persons at an outpatient stage of treatment of tuberculosis

09M.03 – HIV-positive persons with the limited functional status

10M – Social support at a stage of outpatient treatment of tuberculosis

01.01.2015 - 06.30.2017


All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV 


Providing humanitarian and psychological support to citizens in the territories participating or close to a zone of the military conflict  The humanitarian assistance to socially unprotected segments of the population in a conflict zone –  providing product, hygienic sets, construction materials, clothes, bed linen, coal, product, construction vouchers 11.26.2014 - ongoing People in Need
Emergency Winterization Solutions for Conflict Affected Populations, Facilities and Institutions in Eastern Ukraine (Donbas)

- Repair of 5 social institutions (thermal insulation)

- Repair of 86 households

- Distribution of 264 construction sets for winterization

- Distribution of 1500 winter sets of clothes and footwear
01.10.2015 – 31.03.2016 International Medical Corps
Providing comprehensive care to women, victims of different forms of violence, and also to women with potential risk of violence in Donetsk

- The hotline for victims of different forms of violence

 - Training of women leaders (by the principle of Peer Education)

- Information campaign for violence prevention

 - Creation of the women's center "Galateya"

 - Carrying out recreational actions for women

01.12.2015 – 05.31.2016 

Health Right International


Comprehensive support for vulnerable children and young people affected by the conflict, in Donetsk, Snezhnoe, Gorlovka

- Creation of 3 youth centers:

  • Games and sports team event
  • The program of expansion and opportunities of youth  (YEP – Youth Educational Program)
  • Courses of personal security
  • Community Association, aimed at strengthening the relationship between the young and old generations.

Recreational activities for teenagers

(English Club, school of etiquette, drama school, female "PICK UP", courses of make-up, creative master classes).

  • Youth business club
  • "Antikafe" for teenagers

- Creation of 2 mobile teams (mobile team – MT) in Gorlovka for work with the problem, vulnerable families which found themselves in difficult life situations.

13.01.2016 – 13.06.2016  UNICEF 


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