About us

MOST (Bridge) Center for Social Development Donetsk Oblast (Regional) Charitable Foundation was registered in the Main Department of Justice of Donetsk region 28.07.2009 year. 

Initially the organization was created as HIV-service, with emphasis on provision of services on leaving and support to HIV-positive women, children, the children born from HIV-positive mothers in the small cities and areas of Donetsk region.

 Activities of Fund began in March, 2010 with a small pilot project in Dobropolye (the children's center of day stay of the child "Streamlet" with assistance of All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV).  Since July, 2010 after successful implementation of a pilot project MOST (Bridge) Center for Social Development Donetsk Oblast (Regional) Charitable Foundation has proven his ability and broadened  directions of the activities, having become mega-recipient of the All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV.

 In 2012-2013 the organization was also engaged in street collection of donations by means of volunteers for treatment of seriously ill patients of children, the organization and holding charity events and actions for improvement of children, the organization of their leisure, prevention of the negative phenomena in the youth environment and forming of a healthy lifestyle.

 Our mission - to bring the faith of the people in overcoming their problems in life, improved psycho-emotional and physical health of children, low-income people and people who find themselves in difficult situations, help in social adaptation in society, promoting healthy lifestyles, upbringing in the people the culture of charity and responsibility for own health and health of people around.

 Vision  - reducing mortality from socially caused diseases, people independently manage their own lives and help other people to cope with the same problems, in society is developed a culture of charity,increasing people's responsibility for their own health and the future, tolerance in the society.

 Happy children, happy families, happy society!


The structure of the organization. The number of members and employees of the organization. 

As part of the  MOST (Bridge) Center for Social Development Donetsk Oblast (Regional) Charitable Foundation:

- board members (including the Chairman and the Director) – 4,

 - members of the Supervisory Board – 2,


of MOST (Bridge) Center for Social Development Donetsk Oblast (Regional) Charitable Foundation:

  • Activities of   MOST (Bridge) Center for Social Development Donetsk Oblast (Regional) Charitable Foundation  are based on the basic principles of human rights, a public health and social and economic development. All our work is based on such values:
  • The highest value in our organization is a person, his life and health
  • Family
  • Children
  • Assistance
  • Professionalism
  • Try to find the positive in everything
  • Equal rights
  • Combining efforts
  • Lack of indifference/ NO indifference
  • Complicity
  • Compassion
  • Responsibility
  • Freedom

In our work we are guided by the convictions that  important is:

  • Real attraction of all vulnerable segments of the population, and especially those people who live with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, to all events which are held by the organization in this direction
  • Fight against stigmatization and discrimination
  • Ensuring efficiency of our programs and policy, based on that "really works"
  • Accounting of gender approach in a program implementation and projects of the organization
  • Responsibility before people whom we support, and also before those who supports our work and cooperates with us
  • Should be not just words but actions that will implement the mission, values and vision of the organization.
  • The main priority in our work are children and women!
  • Always to keep the promises and to be responsible for the words
  • To cooperate with all who addresses to us


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